About the Author


About the Author



I am a retired schoolteacher who now lives on the south coast of Devon (UK) –





Teaching in the Early 1980s


Originally from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, I spent four years studying in London before qualifying as a secondary schoolteacher in 1973.  Following a year back in Essex where I taught science, the remainder of my career was spent living in London and working in Inner London schools where I initially taught maths but later taught exclusively computer studies (as Head of Department).  For much of this time I was also a single parent of two children.


Playing at the Grange

Playing at the Grange, Bridgwater, 2003    [Photo: Stuart Viney]


I acquired my first guitar in 1969 and was content to play mainly acoustic styles as a self-taught hobby for some 20 years.  Realising a need to extend my repertoire of guitar skills, I then undertook a more serious study of guitar (lead, electric, jazz) and music with Robert Percy (from 1992).  When a change of direction was needed, I recognised a lifelong interest in music, guitar and recording.  Thus, in 1996 I retired from schoolteaching, assembled a 16-track home recording studio and returned to university to study Musical Instrument Technology, specialising in the design and construction of solid-bodied, electric guitars.


On Dartmoor

On Dartmoor, 2015


After graduating, I worked freelance as a guitar teacher and technician until I moved to Devon in 2002.  Here, I have occasionally worked (also freelance) providing home and office computer support but I am otherwise fully retired.  In addition to local walks, music and photography, I enjoy spending time with my two granddaughters.


Qualifications and Recognition:

BSc (Hons) Chemistry – University College, London (1972)
PGCE Chemistry/Mathematics – Brunel University (1973)
BSc (Hons 1) Musical Instrument Technology – London Guildhall University (1999)

Roope Prize – Institute of Musical Instrument Technology (1999)