Autumn Leaves



With the onset of autumn I am reminded of another recording from my “vault” and one that is reminiscent of less troubled times. “Autumn Leaves” is an improvised guitar duet based on a melody from Joseph Kosma’s 1945 jazz standard of that name –


“Autumn Leaves” – improvised jazz duet, 1999
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This recording dates from the same 1999 session with Dave Spector as “Light of Other Days” and further details can be found on that page. Whereas that had been the first track of the session, this was to be the last. Having decided to finish with something mellow, Dave wanted to try something with a jazz ‘feel’ and by coincidence, I was in the process of learning a solo guitar part for “Autumn Leaves” at the time.

Recording Notes:

We decided that I should play the intro from the piece I was learning and we would both improvise from there. For this purpose Dave sequenced a backing track for us to play to and we then recorded our improvisation to an 8-track recorder in one take. After the session and with two vacant tracks remaining in the recording, I overdubbed an additional solo part, improvising with my MIDI-enabled guitar and using a sampled ‘alto sax’ sound. I then mixed the results from 8-tracks down to a stereo DAT (Digital Audio Tape) recording.


Backing sequence – David Spector
Guitar – David Spector
Guitar – Warwick Conway
MIDI guitar overdub – Warwick Conway
Guitar Gear –
Yamaha Pacifica 821D guitar
Jackson Stealth Pro (1992) guitar
Hand built, MIDI enabled guitar
Digitech Studio Quad multi-effects processor
Marshall JMP-1 Preamp
Dunlop ‘Cry Baby’ Wah pedal
Yamaha G50 Guitar MIDI Converter
E-mu ESI-32 digital sampler
Recording Equipment –
Fostex D-90 digital, multitrack recorder
Soundcraft Spirit Rac Pac mixer
Sony DTC-A6 DAT recorder
Photograph –
“Autumn Leaves”, Stover Country Park, November 15 2008, by Warwick Conway
(© 2008, All Rights Reserved)

“Light of Other Days”