Ray Clemence MBE

I am deeply saddened by the passing of Ray Clemence today at the age of 72 and following a long illness. Ray was undoubtedly one of the greatest ever goalkeepers in the football world being the England international goalkeeper and part of the Liverpool team of the 1970s. Thus, he was the Liverpool goalkeeper when I first supported the club in the 1973/4 season.

End of the Day

“End of the Day”, Faeland’s first single from their 2nd album “When I Close My Eyes” is due for worldwide release on 25th September. The song also features in the soundtrack of a new movie, “23 Walks” being released in UK cinemas on the same day. An official video for the single along with an acoustic version and the trailer for the movie can all be found here …

Autumn Leaves

With the onset of autumn I am reminded of another recording “from my vault” and one that is reminiscent of less troubled times. “Autumn Leaves” is an improvised guitar duet based on a melody from Joseph Kosma’s 1945 jazz standard of that name.

A Tribute to Ennio Morricone, 1928-2020

Music is perhaps the most powerful conveyor of emotional content. Without suitable music, much of what we watch on film or TV (including advertising) would fail to impact, despite the best efforts of the greatest actors, directors and cinematographers. Ennio Morricone, who died today aged 91, was a true master of the craft.

Hound Tor

A slideshow of photographs taken on Hound Tor, Dartmoor in 2020. The music, “Internet Radio”, is an extended version of an ambient, solo piece recorded in about 2000 using a guitar with MIDI output sent to a synthesiser.

Internet Radio

A short piece of ambient, guitar music recorded in about 2000 at my flat in Highgate (London). “Internet Radio” was played using a guitar with MIDI output. The MIDI output was sent to a synthesiser and the standard guitar jack output sent to a multi-effects unit so that both sounds were produced simultaneously when the guitar was played.

Glen Hemmings

Brixham based Musician, EDM DJ and YouTuber, Glen is a local friend of some 18 years now.   His well-subscribed YouTube channe, ‘EnglishChannel’, is a platform from which Glen presents, “The Sound Of The Underground! Progressive House, Techno, Breakbeat, House, Oldskool, Hardcore, Jungle, Acid, Rave Tracks, DJ Mixes & Tunes” and the very best of Progressive House (update of a 2017 post) ….

Savannah Twilight

This ambient improvisation was recorded in 1998 when my good friend and musical collaborator Asha Dub joined me for one of our regular jam sessions at my flat in Highgate (London). Shortly before this session, Asha had asked me to fit one of his Steinberger (GM model) guitars with a hex pick up for MIDI output –

Nowhere Blues

This improvisation was recorded at my flat in Highgate, London, in the Spring if 2002 shortly before I moved to Devon.It was a period when I frequently jammed with friends and on this occasion I was joined by my friend Patricio for a session to mark my imminent departure –

On the Spread of Novel Coronavirus

It is hard to escape the fact that Covid-19, aka Novel Coronavirus, is back in the news today. When news of the virus in Hubei province first broke, I was surprised that there was talk of testing and quarantining those travelling in and out of China when there should have been a total ban on all such travel and especially by plane …

Live at Leeds

On this day 50 years ago, one of the greatest, live, rock albums was recorded.


The Who’s live performances had always been more about extended versions of RnB covers and their own tracks (with improvisations included) than about simply reproducing 3-minute pop singles. Their 1969/70 tours had involved performances of the “Tommy” (at opera houses as well as rock venues) as well as favourite live tracks such as “Summertime Blues”, “Shakin’ All Over” and “My Generation” (at Woodstock, for example).

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