Mental Health Awareness


There has been some concern in the UK, regarding what has been described as both a mental health crisis and a mental illness epidemic. According to a 2017 BBC report based on NHS digital statistics, at least 1 in 6 adults in England will experience a mental health problem at any given time.


Yet only 1 in 3 of those suffering a mental illness were receiving any mental health treatment. Of particular concern to many were reports stating firstly that schoolchildren are suffering from an ‘epidemic’ of mental illness and secondly that young people’s mental health is a ‘worsening crisis’.

“Magic Bus” – The Who

Magic Bus LP

Autumn 2018 represents two 50th anniversaries for The Who. Firstly, The Who released their “Magic Bus” single in the UK. It was a year when the band appeared to be in decline as far as singles were concerned. Prior to 1968, all (8) of their authorised single releases of original songs had made the top 10 in the UK.

When Our Ship Shall Leave the Riverbank


Recently, in social media, I was asked to recount a particular anecdote from my schooldays. If a story is worth telling, then it may as well be told in its entirety. In order to make this longer story accessible to all interested parties, I decided to post it on this site.

Daniel McGillis

Daniel McGillis

Daniel is a computer engineer and devoted musician based in Winnipeg. After many years of playing with his band and two years of touring during which his drummer snapped his wrist, his bass player became the head of a major international company and with the second guitarist being the owner of a huge farm, Daniel decided he could make the most use of his time and be more musically productive by going it alone as an independent artist.

Sir Kenny Dalglish

Earlier today it was announced that former Liverpool FC player and manager Kenny Dalglish is to receive a knighthood in the Queen’s birthday honours list. For many, this will come as no surprise. He is, after all, a ‘legend’, both at the club and in the world of football. But when other club legends ….


Jennifer Doudna

In this world of rapidly accelerating scientific and technological progress, it has been easy to become blasé about constant media reports of the latest advancements and what they might potentially offer. In this case and unless you read the scientific journals and columns or watch the BBC ‘Hardtalk’ series you may have missed the fact that the most significant advance in decades has just occurred.

The Kiev 2018 UCL final


I cannot recall a previous occasion when the UK media conducted such a post-mortem following a Champions League final and much has been made of goalkeeper Karius’ failings when any mistake will be very costly against a team of Real Madrid’s quality. But as a Liverpool supporter …..


Faeland live

Faeland are a contemporary folk band from Bristol UK. At the core of the band are songwriting duo Rebecca Nelson (lead vocals, guitar) and Jacob Morrison (guitar, backing vocals, ukulele, banjo). They are currently touring their debut album, “All My Swim” (released January 2018). This post now includes video from Faeland’s BBC ‘Introducing’ session –

“She Moved Through the Fair”

Moved Through the Fair

A few years ago, a friend declared a new interest in folk music and asked for some recommendations to serve as an introduction to the genre. As an example of an Irish song that has permeated the folk music of the British Isles (and beyond) with many recordings by various artistes spanning at least 6 decades, “She Moved Through the Fair” would be a necessary inclusion in my list.

On the Grenfell Tower Fire


It is now generally accepted that cladding was responsible for the rapid spread of the Grenfell Tower fire. But the background to the tragedy lies rooted in classist attitudes and assumptions made about the poor, attitudes that have contributed to other tragedies ….

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