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Recordings from my vault

Autumn Leaves

With the onset of autumn I am reminded of another recording “from my vault” and one that is reminiscent of less troubled times. “Autumn Leaves” is an improvised guitar duet based on a melody from Joseph Kosma’s 1945 jazz standard of that name.

Internet Radio

A short piece of ambient, guitar music recorded in about 2000 at my flat in Highgate (London). “Internet Radio” was played using a guitar with MIDI output. The MIDI output was sent to a synthesiser and the standard guitar jack output sent to a multi-effects unit so that both sounds were produced simultaneously when the guitar was played.

Savannah Twilight

This ambient improvisation was recorded in 1998 when my good friend and musical collaborator Asha Dub joined me for one of our regular jam sessions at my flat in Highgate (London). Shortly before this session, Asha had asked me to fit one of his Steinberger (GM model) guitars with a hex pick up for MIDI output –

Nowhere Blues

This improvisation was recorded at my flat in Highgate, London, in the Spring if 2002 shortly before I moved to Devon.It was a period when I frequently jammed with friends and on this occasion I was joined by my friend Patricio for a session to mark my imminent departure –

The Major Pentatonic Scale

A 25 year old recording where I am practising lead guitar at home with an exercise based on the major pentatonic scale that had been set by my guitar teacher. The article includes a description of pentatonic scales and their use in guitar solos and improvisations.

Sorry Dave

Sorry Dave

This is a recording “from my vault” that I recently made available for the amusement of a few friends but even so, has registered a significant number of visits. I am therefore making it more accessible by posting it as a blog. The recording was made fairly soon after beginning guitar lessons and when practising in my lounge nearly 25 years ago.

Light of Other Days

Light of Other Days

This improvised guitar duet marks the very first time that I played with my good friend Dave Spector. It was recorded in 1999 soon after we graduated from LGU where I had built my MIDI enabled guitar. To celebrate graduation, we decided get together and make some guitar music. This is the first piece that we played on that occasion and was intended as a ….

Waterlight – A Study in Open D Tuning


I recently began the task of transferring some of my old guitar recordings to my PC and came across this solo, acoustic piece from about 2005. Like many guitarists, I periodically indulge in alternate tunings and on this occasion I had undertaken a study of three tunings ….