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On the Spread of Novel Coronavirus

It is hard to escape the fact that Covid-19, aka Novel Coronavirus, is back in the news today. I remember that when news of the virus in Hubei province first broke, I was surprised that there was talk of testing and quarantining those travelling in and out of China when there should have been a total ban on all such travel and especially by plane as soon as they were aware of the outbreak.

On the Advent of 5G

Should we be concerned about 5G networks? While the UK worries about security issues, should there perhaps be more concern about health risks, the proliferation of masts and the sweeping changes to everyday life that will accompany 5G?

Mental Health Awareness


There has been some concern in the UK, regarding what has been described as both a mental health crisis and a mental illness epidemic. According to a 2017 BBC report based on NHS digital statistics, at least 1 in 6 adults in England will experience a mental health problem at any given time.


Yet only 1 in 3 of those suffering a mental illness were receiving any mental health treatment. Of particular concern to many were reports stating firstly that schoolchildren are suffering from an ‘epidemic’ of mental illness and secondly that young people’s mental health is a ‘worsening crisis’.


Jennifer Doudna

In this world of rapidly accelerating scientific and technological progress, it has been easy to become blasĂ© about constant media reports of the latest advancements and what they might potentially offer. In this case and unless you read the scientific journals and columns or watch the BBC ‘Hardtalk’ series you may have missed the fact that the most significant advance in decades has just occurred.

On the Grenfell Tower Fire


It is now generally accepted that cladding was responsible for the rapid spread of the Grenfell Tower fire. But the background to the tragedy lies rooted in classist attitudes and assumptions made about the poor, attitudes that have contributed to other tragedies ….

Darcus Howe (1943 – 2017)

Darcus Howe

On hearing the sad news that civil liberties campaigner Darcus Howe died today (aged 74),   there are personal reasons why I will be remembering Darcus.  At the same time,   l will especially be thinking of my former student Yvonne Ruddock, her brother Paul and her young friends ….