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The Major Pentatonic Scale

A 25 year old recording where I am practising lead guitar at home with an exercise based on the major pentatonic scale that had been set by my guitar teacher. The article includes a description of pentatonic scales and their use in guitar solos and improvisations.

Sir Kenny Dalglish

Earlier today it was announced that former Liverpool FC player and manager Kenny Dalglish is to receive a knighthood in the Queen’s birthday honours list. For many, this will come as no surprise. He is, after all, a ‘legend’, both at the club and in the world of football. But when other club legends ….

“She Moved Through the Fair”

Moved Through the Fair

A few years ago, a friend declared a new interest in folk music and asked for some recommendations to serve as an introduction to the genre. As an example of an Irish song that has permeated the folk music of the British Isles (and beyond) with many recordings by various artistes spanning at least 6 decades, “She Moved Through the Fair” would be a necessary inclusion in my list.

Waterlight – A Study in Open D Tuning


I recently began the task of transferring some of my old guitar recordings to my PC and came across this solo, acoustic piece from about 2005. Like many guitarists, I periodically indulge in alternate tunings and on this occasion I had undertaken a study of three tunings ….