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Daniel McGillis (aka McGill) is an online friend. With the Atlantic Ocean and a considerable land mass between us, our relationship began when Daniel contacted me through this blog regarding a guitar technology issue. In the ensuing dialogue, we gradually realised that we shared much in common including a significant background in computing, a passion for music and especially guitar, plus an interest in home studio recording.

Daniel is a computer engineer and devoted musician based in Winnipeg. After many years of playing with his band and two years of touring during which his drummer snapped his wrist, his bass player became the head of a major international company and with the second guitarist being the owner of a huge farm, Daniel decided he could make the most use of his time and be more musically productive by going it alone as an independent artist.


Daniel McGillis

Daniel McGillis


As a one-man-band, Daniel combines his love of digitally produced music with analogue input. He composes, produces and engineers his music whilst playing all of the instruments yet his output has been prolific, comprising a catalogue of 15 CD albums to date. At the same time he has provided support and technical help to enable other local musicians in their own projects.1

Daniel’s music is an instrumental fusion of jazz and rock with smooth and progressive flavours respectively. One of the features of his music that I particularly enjoy is that it can suit a variety of moods by offering a chilled out experience within which he uses his technical ability to create excitement and some darker vibes.


The following tracks are all provided by Daniel as free-to-listen samples of his work.  The first two tracks are from his ‘Jazcid’ (2008) and ‘Digerati’ (2010) albums –



Jeff Monk, reviewing Daniel’s ‘Jazcid’ and ‘Digerati’ albums in the Winnipeg Free Press, describes the music as ” … thick with ideas and brimming with technical skill.” He continues, ” McGillis plays everything you hear and what he hasn’t mastered he engages the computers to emulate. There are some wonderful moments crammed into these albums …” and “McGillis should be congratulated for making the smooth jazz instrumentals as engaging as they are and many of these mid-tempo groovers would make a perfect soundtrack to some creative activity. Their ability to blend into the background while retaining a high level of skill is what makes them worth a listen.”


Next up are tracks from Daniel’s ‘Sonic Sines’ (2016) and ‘Auralism’ (2017) albums –



Finally, two tracks from Daniel’s latest album, ‘When is Now’ (2018) –



More of Daniels music can be heard at his Bandcamp and CBC Music pages from where digital downloads and CDs (while stocks last) can also be obtained.



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