A post to celebrate the release of Faeland’s new single, “Easier” (which premiered 15th November 2020) with a view of the Official Music Video …


“Easier” © 2020 Rebecca Nelson & Jacob Morrison. Animated video by Sofja Umarik


“Easier” is the 2nd single to be taken from the band’s forthcoming 2nd album, “When I Close My Eyes” which is now due for release 26th February 2021.


For me however, the wait is already over as I have just received my advance copy of the album. As if that did not make me happy enough, I have opened the package to find that Faeland have generously added me to the credits in the album’s sleeve notes by way of a ‘thank you’ for sharing their vision and love for the music.


Of course, I am even more blown away by the album itself. For now, I will only say that it is a highly accomplished album in every respect and all of the qualities that have been attributed to their first album (“All My Swim”, 2017) in the widespread acclaim received by that work, can also be applied to “When I Close My Eyes” and even more so. It is quite simply a beautiful album, brimming with writing talent and skillful arrangement.


“Easier” along with Faeland’s other releases (including “End of the Day” from the same album) can all be heard and saved at Spotify. CD copies of their first album “All My Swim” (signed or unsigned) can be found at the Faeland Shop …


Faeland at Spotify

Faeland Shop


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