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I was first moved to write about contemporary folk band Faeland after seeing them perform at St. Mary’s church, Kingskerswell (Devon) in March 2018. They were then touring their first album “All My Swim” which has received well-deserved and widespread acclaim. Last year they began recording their second album at Rockfield Studios and during the restrictions imposed by this year’s pandemic, they have put the finishing touches to that work. In the absence of live concerts with audiences, Faeland have also been performing online fortnightly and their set lists have included new material that is being developed for a third album.


Faeland’s Jacob and Rebecca – Original Photograph by Emilie Sandy, 2020


I understand that Faeland’s 2nd album is to be titled “When I Close My Eyes” and is due for release in January 2021. From the snippets and previews of several songs that I have already heard, it is another album of beautifully evocative songs, crafted from both contemporary and traditional folk elements. To say that I eagerly await its release would be an understatement.


“End of the Day” – Official Lyric Video (Courtesy of Faeland)


“End of the Day”, Faeland’s first single from the new album is due for worldwide release on 25th September. “End of the Day” has already featured in “23 Walks”, a new film written and directed by Paul Morrison which was released to cinemas in Australia and New Zealand on 13th August. The video above is the official lyric video to “End of the Day” as heard in the film.


The video below is an acoustic version of “End of the Day”, performed live by Rebecca and Jacob of Faeland …


“End of the Day” – Acoustic Version (Courtesy of Faeland)


It was almost exactly one year ago that I was not only fortunate to see Rebecca and Jacob perform and talk about their music in an intimate setting in Stroud (Gloucestershire) but also felt very privileged to meet and converse with the erudite and distinguished British film maker and Oscar nominee, Paul Morrison, at the same event. Paul’s latest film “23 Walks” is due for UK release on 25th September.


“23 Walks” – Official Trailer (Hallworthy Films 2020)


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