Because guitarist Jacob Morrison is related to me through my granddaughter, I recently received a message from my son to say that Jacob’s band, Faeland, would be playing a gig a few miles from my home in Devon this week.  I had no knowledge of Faeland at that time but a video, accompanying the message, was enough for me to seize the opportunity for some live music and book tickets.  After attending the gig earlier this week, I can say that it was a very wise decision.




Faeland – Silent Story (official video)


Faeland are a contemporary folk band from Bristol UK (the band’s name being derived from the nearby village of Failand in North Somerset).  At the core of the band are songwriting duo Rebecca Nelson (lead vocals, guitar) and Jacob Morrison (guitar, backing vocals, ukulele, banjo).  They are currently touring their debut album, “All My Swim” (released January 2018) on which they are supported by –

Martin Solomon – harp, violin, accordion, mandolin

Lizzie Tucker – double bass, backing vocals

Rowan Sterk – drums, percussion

Michael Stanton – keyboards, santoor

Matthew Heyse Moore – clarinet

and Sarah Moody – cello

Many of the band members play a range of instruments beyond those listed above.


Please visit these websites for more Faeland videos, music and information –

1. Faeland Facebook page

2. Faeland Website

3. Faeland YouTube channel)

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5. Martin Solomon Website)


All My Swim:


“All My Swim” is Faeland’s debut album, released in January 2018.  Their website describes the album thus,

“…. blending folk influences from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Fusing deep folk tradition and acoustic instrumentation, Faeland bring their innovative and subtly experimental approach to contemporary folk music.”


Since its release, the album has received widespread support and acclaim from BBC 6 Music, Uncut Magazine and Shire Folk Magazine amongst others.  According to Shire Folk it is, “Without doubt one of the albums of the year” and “All My Swim is surprising, never complacent. Just like the best music should be.”


“All My Swim” – title track


I purchased the album on CD at the gig and as a beautiful collection of exquisitely crafted songs and melodies, it is already a favourite.  Having spent much of my life involved in music in some way or another, I have reached a point where the discovery of new music to provide the emotional impact that I long for, seems to occur with diminishing frequency.  But whether it is the tingle down the spine or the moistening of eyes, this album does it for me and I have already found myself singing or humming the songs as I go about my daily routine.


The album can be bought as CD or streaming+download direct from the band at:

Faeland’s bandcamp page

or through the shop section of either the band’s website or Facebook page.

Digital copies can also be purchased from (direct links) Spotify, iTunes and Amazon.


Faeland at Kingskerswell:


The gig that I attended took place on May 22nd (2018) in Kingskerswell Parish Church.  It is an idyllic setting with parts of the church dating from the 14th century.


Kingskerswell Church

1. Kingskerswell Church


The church provides an atmospheric and intimate venue with superb acoustics and great sound from the desk.  It is a venue where the audience can simply relax and enjoy music together in close proximity to the performers.


Kingskerswell Venue

2. The Venue


Faeland played as a 4-piece band comprising Rebecca Nelson (vocals, guitar), Jacob Morrison (guitar, backing vocals), Lizzie Tucker (double bass) and Martin Solomon (violin, Celtic harp, accordion).  In addition to songs from the “All My Swim” album that they are currently touring, Faeland included some new material that is about to be taken into the studio for a 2nd album.  There was also an impressive and potent, acoustic cover of Portishead’s “Glory Box”.


Their beautiful music had an ethereal quality and was delivered with accomplished musicianship throughout.  It had instant appeal and effect despite being new to my ears.  During each track, I was able to close my eyes and be taken to another place yet my foot continued to tap.


The other act on the double-bill were Marcus Corbett and Nitin Gaikwad whose brilliant guitar, tabla and primal vocals are set within the context of traditional Indian music.  Performed within a medieval, English church, this added a surreal dimension to the event and as a whole, it was an enchanting, thoroughly enjoyable and memorable evening.


“Faeland – Prayer Song/All My Swim (live, Long Ashton, Dec 2017)


As a result of my evening out, I have not only added a new band to my list of favourites but also discovered a lovely and nearby venue that offers regular concerts of World/Folk music.


Details of forthcoming gigs involving either the band or the venue can be found using these links:

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In October 2018, Faeland performed a session for BBC Introducing Music –



Faeland (2019 article)

Faeland (“End of the Day”)



All of the music and video content on this page is presented by means of embedded, direct links to the source at the Faeland YouTube Channel.  All rights are reserved and belong to Faeland.  The copyright to all music is owned by Rebecca Nelson and Jacob Morrison (2017).

Sources of photographic images:

1. Kingskerswell Church – from the Friends of Kingskerswell Church Facebook album
2. The Venue – from the World Unlimited website