A slideshow of photographs taken in the Glastonbury area during August, 2013.


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The photographs represent two days of a camping break and are displayed in chronological sequence.  Both days in the sequence begin at Market Cross in the town and end at Bridge Farm (campsite), West Bradley. The first day was spent visiting the Abbey and surrounding grounds. The 2nd day involved a walk via Chilkwell Street to Chalice Well, then via Wellhouse Lane to the Tor and finally ending at the remnants of the two great oaks, ‘Gog’ and ‘Magog’.  This tour could be considered as encompassing the main ‘spiritual’ sites associated with Glastonbury.


A more complete set of these photographs together with accompanying notes can be viewed as a ‘gallery’ here or using the buttons below. A few additional photos along with the original set can be seen at my Flickr album here or using the buttons below. Other than the final photograph of the Abbey (by T. Conway), all photographs are by W. Conway.



The music is “Kupuri” by System 7 from their CD album ‘Encantando’, 2004.

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1. System 7 – Website
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4. Bridge Farm (campsite)


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