Glen Hemmings



This is a 2020 update of an original post from 2017 –

Musician, EDM DJ and YouTuber, Glen is a local friend of some 18 years now.  Based in Brixham, his well-subscribed YouTube channel is called EnglishChannel.  From this platform, Glen presents “The Sound Of The Underground! Progressive House, Techno, Breakbeat, House, Oldskool, Hardcore, Jungle, Acid, Rave Tracks, DJ Mixes & Tunes”.

Glen’s music can also be heard at the Glen Hemmings Music Facebook page.


Glen now produces his own tracks, the latest example of which is … 




“Isolate” is available as a free download HERE.


A very popular feature of EnglishChannel is Glen’s own monthly mix of the latest Deep Progressive House tracks, the most recent of which (at time of posting) is …


Deep Progressive House Mix Level 051 / Best Of April 2020


If you enjoy Glen’s mix, then you might want to subscribe to EnglishChannel.   By subscribing, you will receive the latest mix, each month in your inbox.