Internet Radio



A short piece of ambient, guitar music recorded in about 2000 at my flat in Highgate (London).


“Internet Radio” – ambient guitar/synth, c.2000
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“Internet Radio” was played using a MIDI guitar, i.e. a guitar fitted with a hex pickup for MIDI output. The MIDI output was sent to a synthesiser and the standard guitar jack output sent to a multi-effects unit so that both sounds were produced simultaneously when the guitar was played. The piece was recorded in a single take (without overdubbing) and the resultant mix of synthesiser and guitar was recorded directly to MiniDisc (MD). All of the sounds heard in the recording were therefore generated from the one guitar performance.


The guitar part was not an improvisation but a piece I had devised many years previously and frequently played for my own entertainment. An influence in devising the first section had been Steve Hillage’s guitar intro to the track “Radio” from the 1977 album, “Motivation Radio”. Bearing in mind the electronic ‘beeps’ in the synthesizer sound, I gave the track the title, “Internet Radio”.


“Internet Radio” is also used as the soundtrack for my animated slideshow of photographs taken on Hound Tor, Dartmoor. The slideshow can be viewed HERE.


Hand built ‘MG1’ guitar with Roland GK-2A hex pickup

Yamaha G50 Guitar MIDI Converter (MIDI output)
Roland JP-8080 synthesiser (MIDI output)

Marshall JMP-1 pre-amp (jack output)
Digitech Studio Quad multi-effects processor (jack output)

Soundcraft Spirit Rac Pac mixer
Sony MZ-R50 MiniDisc Walkman

Original ‘internet map’ image from source – with licence CC 2.0.