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These files may be freely downloaded and shared but please read and respect the terms of use at the foot of this page.


Content: Overview


This page provides an archive for files that I produced and collected for a forum in Yahoo Groups that I moderated for nearly 20 years. The forum was dedicated to the Korg A4 series of effects processors and provided support for these.

The Korg A4 ‘guitar signal processor’ was first produced in 1992 as a multi-effects, floor pedal controlled unit with MIDI capabilities. Files relating to a version for bass guitar and also a budget A5 version can also be found here.


Content: Korg Owner’s Manuals


Korg’s owner manuals for the A4, A4 Bass and A5 together with the 1992 brochure. All are in Adobe PDF format.


Format: Adobe PDF
File: A4Manual.pdf
Size: 1.7Mb


Format: Adobe PDF
File: BassManual.pdf
Size: 1.1Mb


Format: Adobe PDF
File: A5Manual.pdf
Size: 387Kb


Format: Adobe PDF
File: Brochure1992.pdf
Size: 1.1Mb


Content: Korg A4 Service Manual


Korg’s service manual for the A4 guitar and bass, in Adobe PDF format. This manual includes block and circuit diagrams.


Format: Adobe PDF
File: A4Service.pdf
Size: 1.6Mb


Content: Battery Replacement Guides


The most frequently requested support in the Korg A4 forum was for instructions on how to replace the Korg A4’s internal battery.
The battery is used to store user settings such as user defined sound patches. The original battery was capable of recharging when in use but the battery life of about 10-15 years (or more) could be reduced if the device was connected to the power adaptor and then turned on without the mains supply being connected.
From about 2002, requests for help with battery replacement were being received, mostly from forum members who had purchased used A4s. The first battery replacement involves opening the A4, de-soldering to remove the old battery and soldering in a new battery or battery holder.
This download consists of a compressed (zip) folder containing detailed instructions and images. The included ReadMe.txt file describes the folder’s contents.


Format: Compressed
File: Battery.zip
Size: 3Mb


Content: MIDI SysEx Guides


A compressed (zip) folder containing a compendium of guides and resources for connecting the Korg A4 to a PC via MIDI in order to archive user defined patches. These extend the manual and describe applications where such archiving is useful.
The documents are in Adobe PDF format and a ReadMe.txt file describes the contents of the folder in more detail.


Format: Compressed
File: SysEx.zip
Size: 389Kb


Content: User Defined Patches


A compressed (zip) folder containing sets of patches contributed by Korg A4 forum members. The patches are in MIDI SysEx (SYX) format for use as described in the SysEx guides (above).
The patches can be edited using the A4 panel and so provide a variety of guitar sounds that users can use as a basis for their own patches. A ReadMe.txt file describes the contents of the folder in more detail.
A recording (from cassette tape) of one of the sets of patches being used in 1994 can be heard here.


Format: Compressed
File: Patches.zip
Size: 128Kb


Terms of Use


The files on this ‘Korg A4’ page may be freely downloaded and shared. I would prefer that sharing from other sites was by means of a link to this page or otherwise included a credit to either myself or my site … but this is not obligatory.
The blue zip file image used on this page is provided by Free Icons PNG and may be used with credit to the source.


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