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Major Pentatonic Scale
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Content: Major Pentatonic Scale Exercise


This file is a printable (A4) copy of the music for the repeated, solo/theme used in the major pentatonic scale guitar exercise where it is played over the chord progression |E|D|CD|E| x3 (12 bars). The music is presented in both staff notation and tablature. It has been scanned from the original lesson notes.
The main article describing the exercise can be seen HERE.


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This music is © R. Percy & W. Conway. The document may be downloaded, free of charge, for personal entertainment or educational use. Teachers may copy the document for use by students but the document may not otherwise be distributed other than directly from the “Warwick’s World” website by using this website’s ‘Share’ buttons or by means of suitably attributed links to this website. The music itself may be performed in public with suitable attribution. For other uses you should enquire using this website’s contact form.


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