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Study in Open D Tuning

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This copyright material may be downloaded free of charge but please read and respect the terms of use at the foot of this page.


Content: Overview


Here you can download the sheet music and accompanying players’ guide for my guitar piece “Waterlight” in various formats. There is also a handy “Alternate Tunings” tool for Windows systems. Additionally, all of the files are included in a zipped compendium. The compendium is particularly useful as an alternative if there are problems in downloading any of the individual files on your system.


– Listen to Waterlight –


The main article describing the exercise (a study of alternate tunings) can be seen HERE. The music video can also be found at my YouTube channel.


Content: Waterlight Sheet Music


Each of these files is a printable (7 A4 pages) copy of the music for the solo guitar piece, “Waterlight” in open D tuning. The music, in both staff and tablature notation, is available in Adobe PDF, Guitar Pro v6 and Microsoft XML formats for use in other applications.


Preview and Download the Music



Format: Adobe PDF
Filename: Waterlight.pdf
Filesize: 173Kb


Format: Guitar Pro
Filename: Waterlight.gpx
Filesize: 39Kb


Format: MS XML
Filename: Waterlight.xml
Filesize: 288Kb


Content: Waterlight Guide


Each of these files is a printable (8 A4 pages) copy of the complete players’ guide to “Waterlight”. It is intended as a supplement to the sheet music.
The guide includes everything needed in order to learn how to play “Waterlight” from the sheet music. It includes chord diagrams, tablature, fingerings, embellishment techniques and sequenced exercises to assist development of the fingerstyle technique. All are fully explained.
As a study of alternate tunings, the guide also explains how the piece was developed using the tuning as a basis. This can provide a useful method of creating further guitar pieces in other tunings.
The document is available in MS Word/Office, Adobe PDF and Microsoft XPS formats.


Preview and Download the Guide



Format: MS Word
File: WaterlightGuide.doc
Filesize: 475Kb


Format: Adobe PDF
File: WaterlightGuide.pdf
Filesize: 290Kb


Format: MS XPS
File: WaterlightGuide.xps
Filesize: 569Kb


Content: Alternate Tunings Utility


The Alternate Tuning Chord & Scale Finder is a simple but handy desktop utility for Windows systems. It will find chords and scales in any guitar tuning (even your own, original tunings) for instruments up to 6 strings. It can be also used as a learning tool by guitarists of all abilities
The software was written by Brian K. Quade who holds the copyright. I was originally sent a copy for use on my website as part of a gesture of thanks for some online support regarding guitar effects that I provided for a Canadian studio. The software is now freeware but please read the terms of use at the foot of this page.


Preview and Download the Utility



This program does not require installation in the Windows registry. When it is downloaded and saved, you simply click on the icon to run.


Format: Executable (MS Windows)
Filename: AlternateTuning.exe
Filesize: 343Kb


Content: Alternate Tunings Compendium Pack


A single compressed (Zip) folder containing all files described on this page. After downloading, open the folder and extract the files that you want.


Format: Compressed folder
Filename: AlternateTuning.zip
Filesize: 1.28Mb


Terms of Use


The “Alternate Tuning Chord & Scale Finder” software is © Brian K. Quade, 1999. It is freeware and must not be sold for profit but can otherwise be distributed freely.
All other music, documents and files on this page are © W. Conway. They may be downloaded, free of charge, for personal entertainment or educational use. Teachers may copy the documents for use by students but the documents may not otherwise be distributed other than directly from the “Warwick’s World” website by using this website’s ‘Share’ buttons or by means of suitably attributed links to this website. The music itself may be performed in public with suitable attribution. For other uses you should enquire using this website’s contact form.


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