Nowhere Blues



A recording “from my vault” that I am posting for entertainment in unprecedented times –


“Nowhere Blues” – guitar improvisation, 2002
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This improvisation was recorded at my flat in Highgate, London, in the Spring of 2002 shortly before I moved to Devon. It was a period when I frequently jammed with friends and on this occasion I was joined by my friend Patricio for a session to mark my imminent departure. We were aware that it would be our last session in London and this track represents the very last notes that I played in that city. Thinking that it might adequately express my feelings about leaving London, the resultant recordings were called the ‘Highgate Farewell’ session.

Playing to a drum machine, Patricio played a chord accompanient over which I improvised with lead guitar. In that particular moment and with a slower tempo than usual, I failed to recognise this as one of the songs Patricio had been working on and one that I already had a guitar solo for, having played it on several previous occasions. I therefore played a very different but spontaneous solo and whereas Patricio’s original song had been provisionally titled ‘Road to Nowhere’, I called this very different version simply ‘Nowhere Blues’.

Recording and Equipment:

I played two guitars on the recording, firstly a Jackson Stealth Pro (1992) solid-bodied electric guitar (through Digitech Studio Quad effects and Marshall JMP-1 pre-amp) but ending the track using a Zambra G-43 spanish guitar (with Fishman soundboard pickup).

Patricio played a Hohner 335 semi acoustic guitar.

The piece was recorded using a digital multitrack recorder on the fly and in a single take. The results were mixed down to digital audio tape (DAT) without overdubs or post-production and then recorded to audio CD (CDDA) via an optical spdif connection.

The recording equipment used was:

Fostex D-90 digital, multitrack recorder

Soundcraft Spirit Rac Pac mixer

Sony DTC-A6 DAT recorder

Philips CDR 760 audio CD recorder