Waterlight – A Study in Open D Tuning



I recently began the task of transferring some of my old guitar recordings to my PC and came across this solo, acoustic piece from about 2005.   Like many guitarists, I periodically indulge in alternate tunings and on this occasion I had undertaken a study of  three tunings, spending a few days on each with this being one of the resultant, new pieces.   At the time I thought of it as an intermediate level, technical piece that could provide a useful exercise for students.  As such, it was originally called simply  ‘Study in Open D Tuning’  but following feedback from a trusted friend, it acquired the title, “Waterlight”.


Waterlight     [720p HD]


Waterlight was played on a Zambra G-43 classical guitar with a soundboard pickup connected to a Digitech Studio Quad effects processor and recorded direct to minidisc.


The complete music in combined standard/tablature notation is available as a free download in various formats along with a guide to the music from the ‘Waterlight Downloads’ page (see link below). If any reader is able to play the piece (on any instrument, with or without embellishment or improvisation) and send me a link to a video or sound recording (using the Contact tab above) or else the recording iteself, then I will post this as a separate blog on this site with suitable credit/attribution.


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1. Written and performed by Warwick Conway
2. ‘Underwater Lights’  background video loop from MovieTools.info website